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Death of a Minor TV Celebrity was released in 1998, but following the demise of The Candyskin's record label during the recording of this album, the band were once again left in limbo. With no advertising or promotion funds, the album failed to achieve the success of Sunday Morning Fever, despite the single Feed It featuring on the soundtrack to the movie The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler. This album also features the single Somewhere Under London


  1. Feed It 3:34
  2. It's a Sign 4:00
  3. Death of a Minor TV Celebrity 4:40
  4. Loser Friendly 4:05
  5. Swinning Pool 3:59
  6. Somewhere Under London 4:08
  7. A Song 3:45
  8. Songbird 5:01
  9. Teenage Suicide 3:56
  10. Friday Night, Saturday Morning 3:42
  11. Going Nowhere 4:38

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