Oxford Voice

After signing for Geffen, the band released Fun? in 1993. The success in the US of Space I'm In saw the band try to build it by releasing an album full of songs about football and gardening. This album would lead to an elongated legal dispute between the record company and the band ending with both parties going their separate ways. Singles from this album were Wembley and You are Here.


  1. Wembley 2:38
  2. Fun 3:57
  3. House at the Top of the Hill 3:18
  4. Tired of Being Happy 3:18
  5. Land of Love 3:12
  6. Everybody Loves You 4:43
  7. Everything Just Falls Apart on Me 3:44
  8. You Are Here 4:08
  9. Grass 3:59
  10. Dig It Deep 3:14
  11. Let's Take over the World 3:36
  12. All Over Now 2:30